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Saturday, April 10, 2010

the viswaroopa

विभूषणोद्भासि पिनद्ध भोगि वा
गजाजिनालम्बि दुकूलधारि वा
कपालि वा स्याद् अथवेन्दुशेखरम्
न विश्वमूर्तेः अवधार्यते वपुः

vibhūṣaṇodbhāsi pinaddha bhogi vā

gajājinālambi dukooladhāri vā
kapāli vā syād athavenduśekharam
na viśvamūrteḥ avadhāryate vapuḥ

Kalidasa   kumarasambhavam

വിഭുഷണോദ്ഭാസി പിനദ്ധഭോഗി വാ

ഗജാജിനാലംബി ദുകൂലധാരി വാ
കപാലി വാ സ്യാദഥവേന്ദുശേഖരം
ന വിശ്വമൂര്തേരവധാര്യതേ വപുഃ

It is of little consequence whether  He wears great ornaments or He has only snakes tied on his neck hair, hands and all, whether He wears the most valuable silk clothes or is clad in the skin of  the  elephant  whethe He wears a skull or man on His hands or he is adorning Himself with the crescent moon the form of Lord Shiva who is in fact manifesting the whole universe  would never lack respect.   The great poet and devotee in fact  deals with the extreme contradiction in the way the Supreme Soul manifests, rich or poor, calm or inf great anger... however He may appear there is nothing Superior to the महादेव

i would submit to my friends that i alway give the colour of green and red to the first paras in  this type of mail in honour of my mother India.

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