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Monday, April 05, 2010

misplaced fear

तावद्भयेषु भेतव्यं यावद्भयमनागतम्।
आगतं तु भयं वीक्ष्य प्रहर्त्तव्यं अशङ्कया।।

chanakya neethi

താവദ്ഭയേഷു ഭേതവ്യം യാവദ്ഭയമനാഗതം
ആഗതംതുഭയാ വീക്ഷ്യ പ്രഹര്ത്തവ്യം അശങ്കയാ

a person has to fear ( be anxious of)  objects of fear so long as they dont make the appearance.  But if the fearful object really manifests, he should beat it flat without any doubt or indecision.

One can be cautious and therefore be vigilant   not to  bring upon himself fearful situations.  This alacrity can be there till the situation causing fear arises. But once the fearful situation has to be faced anyway as it is confronting him face to face, the only thing he can do it to beat the stuffing out of it. If he does not beat it, it will beat him, may be it will destroy him.  The advice of the master is appropriate especially to persons exposed to dangers like soldiers, policemen etc.  For the common man also such situation can arise. If he has an elephant  he need not always fear that the elephant will run rut and run riot. His pet dog need not turn mad always.  There may be a poisonous snake hiding somewhere but when he sees it he can use a strong stick to finish it. It is meaningless to be anxious of things which has not happened. The bold person should meet the situation as it comes. It is meaningless to start howling just because one expects to be born as a dog in his next life.

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