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Monday, April 12, 2010

dont wake a sleeping lion

अकामान्  कामयति यः कामयानान् परिद्विषन्
बलवन्तम् च यो द्वेष्टि तमाहुर्मूढचेतसम्

Mahabharatham   Vidhuraneethi

akāmān  kāmayati yaḥ kāmayānān paridviṣan
balavanram ca yo dveṣti tamāhurmūḍhacetasam

അകാമാന് കാമയതി യഃ കാമയാനനാന് പരിദ്വിഷന്
ബലവന്തം ച യോ ദ്വേഷ്ടി തമാഹുര്മൂഢചേചതസം

One who befriends or desires for something which is not to be desired or befriended and at the same time  instills animosity in persons who should be befriended at any cost, and he who deliberately attracts the enmity of the really powerful people  that man is called a person whose intellect has been rendered absolutely idiotic.

Here vidhura is called upon to give some sane advice to his elder brother who is about to alienate the powerful pandavas because their presence in his palace is not palatable to  his own sons and sharing the kindgom with pandavas irritates the father and son.  Vidhura is  frank about his views, if powerful people are unnecessarily irritated the results can be disastrous.

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