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Friday, April 30, 2010

never fail to return a favour

प्रथमवयसि दत्तं तोयमल्पं स्मरन्तः
शिरसि निहितभाराः नाळिकेरा नराणां
सलिलममृतकल्पम् दद्युराजीवनान्तं
न हि कृतमुपकारं साधवो विस्मरन्ति
नीतिसारम्   सुभाषितानि
prathamavayasi datta toyamalpa smaranta
śirasi nihitabhārā
ikerā narāā
takalpam dadyurājīvanānta
na hi k
tamupakāra sādhavo vismaranti
nītisāram   subhā

പ്രഥമവയസിദത്തം തോയമല്പം സ്മരന്തഃ
ശിരസിനിഹിതഭാരാഃ നാളികേരാഃ നരാണാം
സലിലമമൃതകല്പം ദദ്യുരാജീവനാന്തം
ന ഹികൃതമുപകാരം സാധവോ വിസ്മരന്തി

The tall coconut tree is bearing the heavy load of fruits filled with nectarlike drink for the consumption of humans  gratefull remembering the small amount of water these men have poured on their roots while the trees were just saplings.  Noble souls are also like this. They never forget even a little favour done to them by others and are waiting eagerly to be of service to their benefactors at all times.

The idea of gratefulness runs like a golden thread throughout our ancient culture.  Indians always consider themselves as indebted for their lifetimes any favour done to them. Any person who refuses to subscribe to this idea is not worthy to be called a human being at all.  Absence of  gratefulness in listed as one of the greatest sins in all our scriptures.

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