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Friday, April 02, 2010

Re: i touched the 90 mark

Namaste Ji.

Thank you very much for your great effort, I really enjoy reading your emails every morning. I humbly request you to please continue to write on various topics including Subhashitham.

Sree Pillai

On Fri, Apr 2, 2010 at 7:07 PM, Ananthanarayanan Vaidyanathan <> wrote:
friends, I have been imposing one old sloka on each one of you and now it appears the daily nuisance turns 90...i have to introspect, was it to boost my ego...on a simple thing it was not  because except a few respected , rather revered personalities I was mailing to total stangers, who know me little and vice versa.  And a taxman in profession who is always eager to squeeze anyone of his last farthing, writing all these highsounding words... was it hyposcirsy... it came as a fancy  but it has lived for three months.  It is likd some Tv serials, they allow 25 episodes but end up with 250 episodes. The sanskrit is a rich langauage with gems of  couplets and there is no end to source.  But now I feel the audiences is too elite and I am not equal to it.  Please either reiforce me or hoot me out of the arena.  the silence is a weapon with sharp edges on both sides like the sword on Kayamkulam.. I am baffled and Kanfused.  The same dichotomy haunts me when I write about Bagavat gita in Tarangini magazine.  Is there anything in this world to be written about gita anymore...Greatest of the greatest of all the generations have written about the last word, last letter of Gita.  But there at least one thing to my solace.. Krishna is everyting to me including my Guru.and master.
Please think whether this brat of an old fellow is worth the waste of time

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