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Saturday, April 17, 2010

there is no substitute to hard work

उद्योगिनं पुरुष-सिंहम् उपैति लक्ष्मीर्
दैवेन देयम् इति कापुरुषा वदन्ति।
दैवं निहत्य कुरु पौरुषम् आत्म-शक्त्या
यत्ने कृते यदि न सिध्यति कोत्र दोषः॥३३॥


udyoginaṁ puruṣa-siṁham upaiti lakṣmīr
daivena deyam iti kāpuruṣā vadanti |
daivaṁ nihatya kuru pauruṣam ātma-śaktyā
yatne kṛte yadi na sidhyati kotra doṣaḥ ||33

ഉദ്യോഗിനം പുരുഷസിംഹം ഉപൈതി ലക്ഷ്മീര്
ദൈവേന ദേയമിതി കാപുരുഷാ വദന്തി
ദൈവം നിഹത്യ കുരു പൌരുഷമാത്മശക്ത്യാ
യത്നേ കൃതേ ന സിദ്ധ്യതി കോത്ര ദോഷഃ

Wealth and welfare always visits the lion like man who is industrious and enterprising.
The naive fatalists mumble that fortune has to come to them from  the hands of fate or serendipity.
 Setting  aside your fatalism engage in your enterprises putting in the best of your efforts, 
If you work hard at something and if you do not attain the expected results, what is wrong about it?
(You can try again)
Here the idea is not to instill arrogance in human  and encourage them to challenge  the powers of God s.  The obsessive dependence in fate  and the philosophy that God will give everything irrespective of what we do for ourselves cannot be endorsed. We have to be conscious that such ideas become roadblocks in our bid for excellence in our lives. If we do not do what we can and should do, success will be a pipe dream .  Nothing is lost by an earnest attempt even if  such attempt does not bear fruit always

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