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Saturday, April 10, 2010

when weakness become virtue

अशक्तस्तु भवेत्साधुः ब्रह्मचारी च निर्धनः
व्यधिष्ठो देवभक्तश्च वृद्धा नारी पतिव्रता
aśaktastu bhavetsādhuḥ brahmacārī ca nirdhanaḥ
vyadhiṣṭho devabhaktaśca vṛddhā nārī pativratā

चाणक्य नीति
cāṇakya nīti

അശക്തസ്തു ഭവേത് സാധുഃബരഹ്മചാരീ ച നിര്ധനഃ
വയാധിഷ്ഠോ ദേ   വഭകതശ്ച വൃദ്ധാനാരീ പതിവ്രതാ

the man incapable of doing anything become a sannyasi, the man having no money pretends that he is a chnic bachelor,  when a fellow is always ailing from some illness he converts himself as an ardent devotee of God and and old woman is always  very devoted to her still older husband.

This is what adi sankara caleed udharanimitham bahukrithaveshah.   
when a man has no professional skills to eke out a reasonable livelihood,  the best way out for him is to become or act as a sannyasi... (just like this good for nothing fellow sitting like an owl at midnight and writing some meaning to some old slokas).  When all doors are closed for an ailing man he has nowhere to go but depends on divine intervention either for good or bad.  When a man is not having enought money to settle down in life at the right age he has to become a chronic bachelor, though he may say always that it is because his hatred for women.  An when a woman gets old there will be hardly anybody to look at her except her years old marital companion, and milk of kindness of hers flows towards him. (i mean this is in Indian culture.  but now old ladies and gents both have comfortable sojourn in old age homes.  The children wont let them even to live together.)

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