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Thursday, April 29, 2010

be bold

त्याज्यं न धैर्यं विधुरेपि काले
धैर्यात् कदाचिद् गतिम् आप्नुयात् सः।
यथा समुद्रेऽपि च पोतभङ्गे
सांयात्रिको वाञ्चति तर्तुम् एव॥३४५॥
tyājyaṁ na dhairyaṁ vidhurepi kāle
dhairyāt kadācid gatim āpnuyāt saḥ |
yathā samudre'pi ca potabhaṅge
sāṁyātriko vāñcati tartum eva ||345||

ത്യാജ്യം ന ധൈര്യം വിദുരേപി കാലേ
ധൈര്യാത് കദാചിത് ഗതിമാപ്നുയാത് സഃ
യഥാ സമുദ്രേപി ച പോതഭംഗേ
സാംയാത്രികോ വാഞ്ഛതി തര്ത്തുമേവ

A sensible person should never give up his courage  even on the face of the worst calamities. Because, if one remains bold, it is possible that some means of escape will  ultimately manifest itself.   A sailor negotiating rough seas with his vessel damaged, never gives up, but  he strives  to survive and reach the shore putting to use all his ingenuity.

The greatest support one can derive  is from out of his own self confidence.  Once a person loses his self confidence, he becomes powerless. His body and brain forsakes him. In fact all the human beings in the world are created equal but the difference one makes is to the extent of his courage on the face of adversity. Physical power, wealth, education and all other resources simply fail  to  come to the rescue of a person who lacks faith in himself.

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