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Friday, April 02, 2010

Fwd: i touched the 90 mark -No, KVA it is a long way- shivam

Dear kvA,

First request:

Continue. Though Your four-footed fortunes ( ekaslokams)  are not capable of making me wiser( even their glorious ancestors failed in that attempt), they provide food for my thought and fungus-proof fodder for my imagination.

And they provide oxygen to our forum carbonized by dry drumstick-like routine posts.

Second one:

Stop bragging endlessly that you are old.You will be starting your life only after another 7-8 years after you retire.This is the age for you to go for nirmalaya darisanam (u r anyway getting up at 3or 4 the morning) and look around and enjoy the grace and beauty of the snow-white clad Malayalee women returning from the temple with a long sandal wood mark on their forehead. Beauty is to be enjoyed (from a distance, of course ). I am sure that a dozen stanzas will be ready on your golden plate narrating the beauty of such damsels.That makes life richer.

A friendly warning- do not talk about them in our forums. Our pattars are allergic to beauty. I made a vain attempt to enjoye the beauty of the statues of nude apsaras on the temple-pillars of Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple and wrote a story.That was stopped at the entrance. Reason? the topic was 'Sex is divine, Sivaswamy'! The whole story was about statues and nothing but statues.
I received twenty letters of acclamation when it was published in another forum.

Third one:

Concentrate on creation ( foot-notes for the the slokas).The long forwards and other chota, chota activities will erode on your valuable time. Already there are signals to that effect. Be alert.
I do not know whether u have read Sri. Kuttikrishna marar's tippani or vykyanam for Kumarasambhavam. Every word is so apt that you will not be able to find another suitable word and there is not a single extra word.

Another example: Dr. Radhakrishnan's scintillating talk  in the Kerala Sahitya Prishad was translated by Sri. N.v.Krishna warrior.At the end, It was difficult to judge which one was better, the philosopher statesman's scintillating lecture or the sincere translation.

I foresee that your slokas will come out in a book-form; you will remember these words then.

The last but not the least:

Circulate your posts under the cover of Bcc. You are unintentionally providing on a golden platter, hundreds of email ids to the savagely spammers, which can be avoided.

I am taking the liberty of circulating this reply to all ur friends (under the cover of Bcc ) though none of them, I know. But ur friends are my friends and for me u r more than a friend. If I call you 'thambudu' in my language, you will know that I am elder to you- which I do not like.
If I address u 'anniah', I am telling a lie. I want to avoid telling lie to those other than my Ammalu.

Love and regards,

You may wonder why this change from from Siva to Shivam.
Is it time for my Shivaloka prapthy? I do not consider so. The reason is this:

Malathy, a Phd student from Thiruvanthapuram, in her recent letter has this to say, after reading my story on Kiratarjuniyam, for which your sloka gave me the fodder:

Going through your narration is like a stroll along the sea shore, Sankumukham or Marina, facing the setting sun---
I would therefor request you to regroup the stories on epic characters, under the head, " A stroll along the sea shore"

I did that.
And she added :

"You are ripe enough to change to Shivam"

                                                                              " Give a handful from your plenty to those deserving"

Date: Fri, 2 Apr 2010 19:07:21 +0530
Subject: i touched the 90 mark
he waste of time

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