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Monday, April 19, 2010

grin and bear it

ऋणकर्ता पिता शत्रुः  माता च व्यभिचारिणी
भार्या रूपवती  शत्रुः पुत्रः शत्रुरपण्डितः

Chanakya neethi

ṛṇakartā pitā śatruḥ  mātā ca vyabhicāriṇī
bhāryā rūpavatī  śatruḥ putraḥ śatrurapaṇḍitaḥ

ഋണകര്ത്താ പിതാ ശത്രുഃ മാതാ ച വ്യഭിചാരിണീ
ഭാര്യാ രൂപവതീ ശത്രുഃ പുത്രഃശത്രുരപണ്ഡിതഃ

One's father becomes one's staunch enemy when he is just incurring debts. The immoral mother is still another enemy.  A beautiful wife can prove to be a greater enemy. And the worst in the list of enemies is a son who is not capable or is refusing to acquire sufficient knowledge.

A father or a head of family, if he incurs expenses beyond his means and takes loans indiscriminately, he will not be able to keep his family in  comfort during his lifetime and if he dies, his liabilities have to be taken over by the son. Nothing more is to be said about the mother of loose character.  The dangers of having a beautiful wife are too famous to recount. One may lose her, one may find difficulties is keeping her pleased, and usually arrogance goes with physical beauty.......  What one can do for a son is to have him properly educated and if he is either an idiot or fritters away his opportunities to learn he can become a boil in the neck of his father.

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