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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

shun these six habits

षड् दोषा: पुरूषेणेह हातव्या भूतिमिच्छता
निद्रा तन्द्रा भयं क्रोध: आलस्यं दीर्घसूत्रता
shad doshaah purusheneha haatavyah bhoothimichchathaa
nidhraa tandra bhayam krodah aalasyam deergahsootrataa

ഷഡ് ദോഷാഃ പുരുഷേണേഹ ഹാതവ്യാഃ  ഭൂതിമിച്ഛതാ
നദ്രാ തന്ദ്രാ ഭയം ക്രോധഃ ആലസ്യം ദീര്ഘസൂത്രതാ

Six bad qualities in a person should be nipped in the bud if he were to prosper. 
They are  (1) tendency to sleep long, (2) lethargy (3) unreasonable fear (4) blind anger (5) laziness and (6) tendency to procrastinate.
For some people sleep is the ultimate pleasure. No doubt, a healthy snooze is necessary to recoup the body and the psyche from the effects of hard work. But one has to remember that this life is too short. From sleep we have come into the world, and we are proceeding to the eternal sleep ultimately. If we have to do something worthwhile, why should we emulated Kumbhakarna or Rip Van Winkle?
 One's lethargy, that is tendency to keep awake without doing anything is another curious dampener to progress. One should understand that the food one takes will digest properly only if one is in motion. There is hardly any difference between a non-performer and a dead fellow.  Krishna said in Gita that he had nothing to achieve in life and nothing more to perform, and still he is always engaged in work.
 For some people unfounded fear and anxiety, would block all their welfare.  The worst things that can overtake a person like death, misfortune, diseases etc., are not fully preventable. So what is the use of fearing the uncertainty? 
 The next enemy is excessive anger. For the strong fellow anger comes out of arrogance. For the weak, anger is the result of lack of ability to do anything. But in anger a man loses his sense of balance and  this can lead to his doom. 
One another slow poison inherent in human beings is laziness. Fully knowing that there are many things to be done  before the goal is achieved, if one simply keeps quiet expecting that the rainbow will appear from nothingness, he is pathetically lost. 
The twin brother of laziness is procrastination.  The tendency to postpone every action till the last minute is very dangerous.  One does not know what is going to happen in the next moment.  So why should one keep aside the things to be done expecting to take  up the work  at the last moment? May be procrastination is the worst and deadliest enemy one has to avoid if there is to be some meaning and content to his life.

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