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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

adversity bringing together all sorts of people,

my take on adversity bringing together all sorts of people,,,

There is a story in Panchatantram..
a cat and rat are acquaintances..

And are natural enemies too 
and the latter  is the natural dinner and suuper for the former..

But the story tells that when the cat is trapped in the net of a hunter, the rat saves him..
but waiting till the hunter was just about to reach so that the cat would run away instead of waiting to try to enjoy his food..

This story has many dimensions..

When a fellow living being was facing threat to his life, the arch enemy just comes to his rescue, and even saves him, but the enemy know that such gesture of kindness and altruism is not going to save his own neck.

Mahabharatham in the Ghoshayatra episode makes the eldest Pandava say the the Pandavs and Kauravas are bitter enemies but when their common clan is attacked, they are hundred and five
It is all sense of self preservation..
 but we have to admit that there is a small percentage of people who grow really beyond selfishness .. 
maybe the God in them just wakes up..

Gita says, whenever adharmam raises its head, and dharmam is obliterated He just manifests Himself.. 

We interpret that the God incarnates Himself when evil takes over and brings about the balancing act..

Here adharmam can a different dimension too..
 it is the disastrous tilt in the natural and happy balance of the conditions of existence.. 
Dharmam then is the order in the society.. 

When that order receives a hard blow, if we are to survive, God has to come.. 
but that God need not be some prince or cowherd or a carpenter.. 

He may be personification the collective goodness inherent in ourselves.. which comes out , does its duty, and becomes dormant once the purpose is served..

Man is a mixture of good and bad..

In physics and thermodynamics we have learnt about the Kinetic theory of gases..

Even though we find order and apparent quietness in fluid mass especially, the particles therein are moving in random directions at some velocity, and each particle collides with one another and neutralizes the speed to reach a sort of equilibrium which is dynamic.. 

The pressure, Volume and temperature. just affect the matter to bring about the equilibrium.. 

Pressure multiplied by volume and the product divided by the temperature in Kelvin scale gives a constant value, although the three Individual parameters are always varying.. 

The sum and substance of the theory is that when one of the three variables, pressure, volume and temperature undergoes a variation, the other two individually or in combination act to nullify the variation and to bring about the dynamic equilibrium..

We can perhaps understand things better if the behaviour of cetain systems which can be understood through observation, can be projected to even abstract phenomena..
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