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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Musings 26

Empathy, emotional intelligence, kindness.. all are great principles.

These make life as a social animal tolerable..

Without concern for others and kindness for all beings we cannot have a wholesome life.. 

But we should never lose sight of the fact that apart from physical activies and connecting with others .. these form the basis for our peripheral living and social existence.. 
there is a tough yet sublime,
hard yet transparent, 
visible yet invisible core in everyone of us which can be shared by us only with our God..
if we believe in him.. 
The activities, pleasures and pains of that core can be percieved only by the individual and they can be shared only with the eternal father.. the God.. 

We will talk of sharing hearts, love, feelings and so on.. but the core materials can never be shared..

See Narayanospanishat for a sort of imagery..
पद्मकोशप्रतीकाशं हृदयं चाप्यधोमुखं अधो निष्ट्या वितस्त्यान्ते नाभ्यां उपरि तिष्टति.. 
(the area between Manipura and Anahata chakras.. there the blood circulation is regulated... but Krishna Says that He too Sits there.. EasvaraH sarvabhootaanam hrid dese arjuna tishtati.... Sarvasya cha aham hridi sannivishtaH..)
Flaunting technical terms is of little use.
We have to attempt to integrate Goldings Emotional intelligence with what we knew in our culture millenniums ago.. but that attempt will only reveal that what the modern lifestyle pundits discovered is very little.. We chant litanies and mantras without knowing the core and the meaning.. 
We wisecrack.. we write homilies.. But we do not understand the core.. 
Blind bhakthi and reading old stories and drawing imagery for silly things from stories like puranas is not spirituality..

Krishna who is the master of the world, the teacher of Gita is great,, 

we need not bother much about the fellow who stole butter or played with cowherd women.. 
We should know the difference between the grain and the chaff.. 
The spiritual gurus usually cheat us there.. They do not teach us to seek the core.. 
Because once we reach the core, we do not have to depend on gurus, and they will lose their job and source of Income..

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