pachai maamalai pol mene

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

asmin graamey...

Once, a great scholar, ( it is said it is Appayyaa Dikshita) was on a visit to the village of his wife.. The great scholar was famous across the countries especially in the circle of the the learned and elite people as a person with unmatched knowledge, erudition and other achievements.. 
The scholar was walking along a street lane en route the village pond for his morning bath..
Some village ladies were walking along.. He could sense that they were glancing at him coyly and then heard them whispering to one another, "See, the husaband of that girl Aachaa is going for his bath.."
He was baffled and said to himself अस्मन् ग्रामे आचचा नाम प्रशस्तिः 
asmin graame aachaa naama prasastiH... what is famous in this village is the name of aachaal

Yes, ones fame and standing in society is dependent not only on ones own knowledge and character, but also on the standards of the persons around him..
The village ladies did not know what it is to be a great scholar, but they knew what it was to be the husband of their friend..

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