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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

nothing can be greater than my India ...

In a spiritual group in whatsapp, a friend while responding to some message posted the pranam emoticon and the Indian Tricolour emoticon too..

But perhaps he thought that the Indian tricolour emoticon was wrong there and posted a "sorry "and posted a Pranam emoticon and an AUM emoticon too...

Maybe replacement of Indian tricolour with some other sign and expressing regret for the error was unintentional..

But I felt hurt.. 
Can an Indian ever feel sorry for having posted the sign of Indian Tricolour.. for whatever reason?

For me my India and her symbols are even more sacred than any religion or god..

I really do not know whether I am right in feeling so..
But I cannot think in any other way.

God is a great thing.. But the most solemn and proud thought I have as a human being is that India belongs to me and I belong to India..

When it comes to my India, everything else is unimportant..

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