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Saturday, February 04, 2017

panchaadreeshvari mangalam....

पञ्चाद्रीश्वरि मङ्गळं हरिहरप्रेमाकृते मङ्गळं
पिञ्छ्रालंकृत मङ्गळं त्रिजगतां आद्यप्रभो मङ्गळं।
पञ्चास्यध्वज मङ्गळं प्रणमतां चिन्तामणे मङ्गळं
पञ्चास्त्रोपम मङ्गळं श्रुतिशिरोलङ्कार सन्मङ्गळं॥
pañcādrīśvari maṅgaḻaṁ hariharapremākṛte maṅgaḻaṁ
piñchrālaṁkṛta maṅgaḻaṁ trijagatāṁ ādyaprabho maṅgaḻaṁ|
pañcāsyadhvaja maṅgaḻaṁ praṇamatāṁ cintāmaṇe maṅgaḻaṁ
pañcāstropama maṅgaḻaṁ śrutiśirolaṅkāra sanmaṅgaḻaṁ||

Mangalam to the lord of Five hills..
Mangalam to the ultimate consummation of the love between Hari and Hara (Vishnu and Shiva)..
Mangalam to the one who adorns himself with peacock feathers
Mangalam to the one who is the supreme lord of all the three worlds.
Mangalam to the one who has the insignia of lion in his flag
Mangalam to the one who is the precious gem which yields all the desires of people who prostrate before Him
Mangalma to the one who is comparable in beauty to Kamadeva with five 
Mangalam to the one who shines as the ornament at the head of Vedas.. representing their sum and substance..

Saranam Ayyappa...

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