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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

scorched by bad words....

संरोहत्यग्निना दग्धं वनं परशुना हतम्।
वाचा दुरुक्तं बीभत्सं न संरोहति वाक्क्षतम्॥
saṁrohatyagninā dagdhaṁ vanaṁ paraśunā hatam|
vācā duruktaṁ bībhatsaṁ na saṁrohati vākkṣatam||
अग्निना दग्धं gutted by fire 
परशुना हतं chopped by axe
(वा अपि) in spite of 
वनं संरोहति. the forest again grows I 
(परन्तु ) But 
वाचा दुरुक्तं abused or berated by words 
बीभत्सं . abhorrent, causing aversion
वाक्क्षतम् wound or damage thorugh attack by words 
.(बाधितःनरः) the affected person 
न संरोहति does not withstand, does not survive .
a quote from Bheeshmaacharya in the epic Mahabharatham
A forest would revive itself to its original greenery with lots and lots of trees even if the trees have been gutted by wildfires or have fallen to the ravages of a cutter's axe.. 
But if a person is subjected to the ravages of evil and abhorrent words, he would never recover from injuries caused by such verbal abuse..
All wounds would heal... given some time.. 
But insults and abuses showered on someone cause permanent injuries.. and it would be impossible to take back or swallow the words and mend the fences..

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