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Thursday, February 02, 2017

good things make other good things better...

पयसा कमलं कमलेन पयः पयसा कमलेन विभाति सरः।
शशिना च निशा निशया च शशी शशिना निशया च विभाति नभः॥
payasā kamalaṁ kamalena payaḥ payasā kamalena vibhāti saraḥ|
śaśinā ca niśā niśayā ca śaśī śaśinā niśayā ca vibhāti nabhaḥ||

Many objects which are nice and beautiful on their own account attain their full glory only when they are in close combination..

The absence of any one or all of the ingredients could destroy the pleasant existence of any one of them or the all..
The combination of water, lotus and a lake, or the combination of the moon, the sky and the sky are great examples..

The lotus can bloom only if it is existing in a collection of water.
The water in fact gains glory by having lotus on its surface.
And the lake which carries the water is full of bliss when it has water in full and lotuses are growing in it..

The night would be glorious only when the moon shines( otherwise it is dark and dreary)
The moon can shine only during night ( we find some parts of the moon on some days even in the day sky, but we do not feel anything good about it)
The sky is at its peak of beauty when the bright full moon shines in the dark sky 
( the glorious moon on the sky of the Fourteenth night.. the night before the full moon has brightened the imagination of many many poets..

चौदहवीं का चाँद हो या अफताब हो
जो भी हो तुम खुद की कसम लाजवाब हो

chaudahvee kaa chaand ho yaa aftaab ho
jo bhee tum khudaa kee kasam laa jawaab ho

the lyric of Shakeel Badayuni sung by the immortal Rafi

പതിനാലാം രാവുദിച്ചത് മാനത്തോ കല്ലായിക്കടവത്തോ 
lyric of Yousafali kecheri.. tune by Devarajan and sung by that one and only Yesudas..)

पयसा कमलं भाति a lotus shines only in a collection of water 
पयः कमलेन भाति water shines at its best when lotus blooms on its surface 
सरः पयसा कमलेन च विभाति the lake is the most beautiful when it is having a lot of water and a lot of lotus flowers have bloomed over its surface..
शशिना निशा भाति the night attains brightness when the moon rises निशया शशी भाति the moon is bright only when it is night 
शशिना निशया च नभः भाति and the sky brightens up when there is a night which is having a full moon..

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