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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Musings 25

Every sentence, every phrase. we utter or write . need not and should be a bone of contention or casus belli
.They need not be ever sugarcoated too.

Many statements are basically true and could be understood well within our peer groups.

If one sees a thing called cow, and says 'this is a cow.". someone cannot just say.. I disagree..

But if he disagreesbecause the cow shown to him does not possess the usual shape and capacity to give milk , we can understand it and agree too.
But if someone says.
." Who gave it the name of cow?
The biological mass with life having four legs, a body, two horns, female sex, with udders, which could give a white drinkable liquid, which excretes a stinking biomass and eats a lot of leaves and hay
which the society in its ignorance addressed to as a cow
is according to my considered opinion is a crow."..

For most others, other than the one who holds the view and also to people of comparable idiocy such statements would either look funny or at least silly.

Of course,a psychiatrist or a doctor treating a lunatic in an asylum
or a government servant of subordinate cadre listening to a boss may have to bear with such statements and agree too because they have no choices..

I just quote this example demonstrate that we should learn to see plain facts of life realistically, and should not complicate things.

But we in social media tend to give skewed and topsy turvy views just for winning an argument simply to canvas a point rightly or wrongly ..

Our tendency to reach the peak of stupidity is at its maximum when our audience happens to be members of the fairer sex or when we are attempting to parade our own glory..

Dissent for dissents sake is foolish, but we dissent on that point too often

I think if most of us should choose express disagreement only when it is necessary for maintaining reasonable order and sanity.

We can avoid giving and getting headaches that way..

But that spirit is absent in our excahanges in social meida

When the satan of vanity catches hold of us, the angel of friendship just takes leave of us without any notice

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