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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Musings 22

I am recounting a funny story about Ramayana.. Seetha Swayamvaram
The marriage of Sita with Rama was on..after Rama broke the Sivadhanus.
But Ravana was always a suitor for Sita, so being a very crafty actor, he disguised himself as Rama and was moving around in the Palace of Janaka..
At the same time, Soorpanakha, his sister, was eager to marry Rama and so she disguised herself as Sita and was doing the rounds in Mithila too..
Ravana saw this fake Sita and made advances to her..
Thinking that it was real Rama, she also encouraged the fake Rama.. they willingly eloped.. and the fake Rama that is Ravana took the fake Sita that is Soorpanakha to the Pushpaka vimanam, concealed somewhere in a bush..
Realization dawned or Soorpanakha, and she cried.
. Neenkalaa, Annaaa...?.
நீங்களா அண்ணா ?
Was it you my brother...?
This story is quoted by many.. and enjoyed by all as a parody..
No offence to anyone or anything intended..

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