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Saturday, February 04, 2017

Muaings 23

Of course God is the best by definition.. and I believe in God, and accept that God is the best too
To accept God that way is easy because he does not seem to care whether I accept him or not .

Some people, I do not know whether the impression is right or not, seem to me that they are lacking in a lot of things..

maybe a false idea and a sort of silent arrogance on my part..

Anyway that gives me a feeling that I am very superior, a legend or at least a candidate for sainthood.

But I meet, see, and watch many people, who impress me as far more superior to me in many respects..

Somehow i am not able to accept such superiority.. I am rather intolerant..
I try to dig out some defect in them, real or imaginary, which wold give me an impression that they are either equal to me or inferior to me in some way or other..
If I am not able to find anything in that direction, I become miserable .. in mind and spirit.. 
I know it is a defect in my pshyche..

Yes, every man struggles and fights with himself to accept realities..

Remember the story of a frog.. which was exchanging ideas with another colleague... 
The former resided in a deep well all its life, but the latter had just jumped along to the world around the well too, and had finally landed up in the well presumably for a short visit..

Of the many experiences it had while wandering around, the second frog reported to his friend about the shape and size of an elephant he had seen.. 
An elephant according to the visitor was too huge and its size could not be explained in words or gestures in the frog tongue.. 
The permanent resident of the well, the first frog was very sure that there could not be anything anywhere which could be bigger than him.. 
So he drew a lot of air into his lungs and his whole body swelled.. and asked his friend whether the elephant could be as big as that..

When the friend replied that the elephant was far, far bigger, the frog of the well tried to increase the size of the body more and more by filling himself with a lot of air.. 
This happened half a dozen times.. 
Still the friend and visitor, the frog of the wide earth was not able to agree on any comparison of the size between the elephant and the well -resident and inflated colleague..

The colleague was not ready to give up.. 
He drew in further quantities of air.. and finally it happened.. The well conceited frogs body could not withstand any more intake of air, and the frog and its body just shattered giving a loud noise akin to burst of a cracker.. 
Of course with that burst, the misery of the frog of the well was over once for all..

Sooner of later such things can happen to people like me too..

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