pachai maamalai pol mene

Monday, February 13, 2017

Musings 28

Kunchan nambyar was not  exactly obsessed with idiots in society 
but he heaped satire and sarcasm in his literary creations making use of such absurdities.

I think Social Media too gives lots and lots of ammunition for satire and laughter 

If I do not like a fellow I have two choices. 
I can keep quiet. 
Or I can read him and laugh aloud too.

There is always fun in poking a fellow you hate. 
Of course one has to steer clear of libel laws. 
That is all. 

There is no rule that I should keep a stoic silence

If all people had chosen to keep quiet there would not have been any 
Tenali Ramans 
Bernard Shaws 

Do not ask me if I am a Nambyar or Shaw.
No , I am not.. 
But I am myself.

Of course a post in social media will not provide us with food.
We interfere in many social matters even if such matters will not feed us. 
Life is not just about getting food to eat.
 If that were so the world would never have been so beautiful and so ugly too

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