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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

nothing to be with us for ever

धनानि भूमौ पशवश्च गोष्ठे भार्या गृहद्वारि सुतो श्मशाने।
देहश्चितायां परलोकयाने धर्मानुगो गच्छति जीव एकः॥

dhanāni bhūmau paśavaśca goṣṭhe bhāryā gṛhadvāri suto śmaśāne|
dehaścitāyāṁ paralokayāne dharmānugo gacchati jīva ekaḥ||

Our wealth will be ours only as long as we are alive on the surface of this earth. 
The cattle will cease to be useful for us once they get out of our stables..
The wife takes leave as the body is taken away from the home for the last time..
The sons will bid adieu at the cremation ground..
The lifeless body also gets consumed by the fire lighting the pyre..

But the good deeds, the dharma, keeps company with us for ever and ever..

( the sloka is taken from Subhashita Sataka trayam)

I read somewhere that this sloka is attributed to BhartruHari.. 
But I am not able to find the authentic reference for that..

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