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Thursday, February 02, 2017

just think yourself..

असंख्याः परदोषज्ञाः 
गुणज्ञा अपि केचन।
स्वयमेव स्वदोषज्ञाः
विद्यते यदि पञ्चषाः॥
asaṁkhyāḥ paradoṣajñāḥ 
guṇajñā api kecana|
svayameva svadoṣajñāḥ
vidyate yadi pañcaṣāḥ||

There are innumerable people who can easily know and spot the shortcomings of others..
There are very few who can appreciate the merit in others, there are such people though number may be lesser..
But those who can understand and even accept their own faults and foibles are indeed rare, just five or six in a huge crowd..

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