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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

kalidasa and the nameless finger....

kalidasa and the nameless finger....

In fact, the episode is very famous..
In the court of a great king, animated discussion was in progress and the issue was .".Who is the greatest poet (of India)...?"
The courtiers were preparing to count the names using their fingers, and all were unanimous in accepting that Kalidasa was the first, and they counted him on the little finger.. or Kanishtikaa ( in Sanskrit)..
The next finger in pririty was the ring finger which is called "Anamikaa" in sanskrit.
When the scholars assembled tried to find a name more or less comparable to Kalidasa, so that such name could be assigned to "Anamika" (the ring finger), they had to admit in unison that there was no name of a poet that could be equated or compared to Kalidasa in greatness..

So, Anamika could not be assigned any name ..

In fact, Anamika... means.. Na naamikaa.. without name or nameless, And the absence of any name to compare with Kalidasa who occupied the little finger or Kanishtikaa.. reinforced the name of the ring finger as anaamilka.. the nameless finger..

Puraa Kaveenaam Gananaaprasange Kanisthikaadhistitha kalidaasaH
adhyaapi tattulya kaveH abhaavaat anaamikaa saarthavatee babhoova..
पुरा कवीनाम् गणनाप्रसङ्गे कनिष्टिकाधिष्टितकालिदासः।
अद्यापि तत्तुल्य कवेरभावात् अनामिका सार्थवती बभूव॥
purā kavīnām gaṇanāprasaṅge kaniṣṭikādhiṣṭitakālidāsaḥ|
adyāpi tattulya kaverabhāvāt anāmikā sārthavatī babhūva||

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