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Wednesday, February 01, 2017


नृपस्य चित्तम् कृपणस्य वित्तम्
मनोरथाः दुर्जनमानवानाम्।
पुरुषस्य भाग्यम् स्त्रियाः चरित्रम्
देवो न जानाति कुतो मनुष्यः॥
nṛpasya cittam kṛpaṇasya vittam
manorathāḥ durjanamānavānām|
puruṣasya bhāgyam striyāḥ caritram
devo na jānāti kuto manuṣyaḥ|

Some things are beyond prediction..
The mind of a King..
The purpose or use of wealth belonging to a miser
The hopes and expectations of an evil person..
The luck of a male..
And the next action a woman would take..
These cannot be foreseen even by God.. 

Not to talk of ordinary mortals..


I have seen many variants of the above slokam but they all have common ideas..
I am not after the source..
 I just saw it in some Subhashita compilation.. 
Saw some truth in it.. 
And just posted in with meaning..

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