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Friday, February 10, 2017

my God, I am Kanfused...

God.. the idea of God was the subject matter of numerous conflicts and controversies.. 

Some say there is a God, 

some say there is no God. 

Some say we should have a God.. 
Some say it is superstition to have God, 

The very concept of God appear to have emerged from yearnings of the shaky and indecisive human mind

Man always knew that he is not perfect, and then imagined that there would be something really perfect.

Such a being was man's hero, 

and every man or a group around him defined God in the shape of the best hero they could created in their mind in their own way.

For a warrior group, a spear, or a brave man was the God. maybe with minor variations in details.

For a peaceful family, the father and mother became Gods..

For a happy family.. a united and loving set of members showed up as Divinity.. 

( One example is the Shiva family).. 

In reality , God is a fond hope 
God is an evasive presence of the best among the best 
God is a yearning 
God is a dream.. yet to be fulfilled.
But man was never sure whether God is there or if He is there what exactly is He 

.Some may make claims that they have seen or felt Divine presence but no one is able to demonstrate such presence in any convincing way..applying the tools of logic. 

Even the best of the believers cannot say for sure that they have realized God beyond any sort of uncertainty 

And even the worst atheists cannot say honestly that they have succeeded in proving that God is not there.

So the debate goes on.. and will go on as long as we humans live 

But the definition and visualization of God which is very intricate and much hyped can undergo complete change as a person or a society grows in time, physique and intellect..

. यावान अर्थ उदपाने सर्वतः संप्लुतोदके तावान सर्वेषु वेदेषु ब्राह्मणस्य विजानतः..
When the whole landscape is deluged with floods, a puddle loses its significance..
Similarly for a man who has seen things happen, minor details do not count at all..

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