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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Musings 27

People talk about negativity...
What is negativity? 
If I say something or act in a certain way and it is not to the taste of someone who watches it , he is sure to tell that I am filled with negativity..

Then some would say, negativity is the attitude of looking at any issue from its weaker and fragile side when there is still some scope left for seeing something bright..

But are there no limits even for this.. 
One can even understand if one called a piece of polished brass piece as gold.. just to prove that he is filled with positivity..
But to call a faded piece of aluminium foil as platinum.. in the name of positivity is too difficult to digest..

If, in the name of positivity, I walk with closed eyes along the middle of Anna Salai near Shanti theatre during daytime.. the chances are that I may land up as a body in the mortuary of the medical college.. alternately 
I may land up in some ward in the Kilpauk mental Hospital..

I would prefer to have positivity only when the attitude is sensible too.

and going by most of the slogans and exhortations 
appearing in Social media, 
positivity, jai ho.. etc implies lack of simple commonsense and that is called foolhardiness... It is something like a fellow walking with open eyes into a deep pit in broad daylight .

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