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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

That immaculate Linga..

That immaculate Linga..

आपाताळनभःस्थलान्तभुवन ब्रह्माण्डमाविस्फुरत्
ज्योतिः स्फाटिकलिङ्गमौळिविलसत् पूर्णेन्दुवान्तामृतैः। 
अस्तोकाप्लुतमेकमीशमनिशं रुद्रानुवाकान्जपन्
ध्यायेदीप्सितसिद्धये द्रुतपदं विप्रोऽभिषिञ्चेच्चिवम्॥ 
āpātāḻanabhaḥsthalāntabhuvana brahmāṇḍamāvisphurat
jyotiḥ sphāṭikaliṅgamauḻivilasat pūrṇenduvāntāmṛtaiḥ | 
astokāplutamekamīśamaniśaṁ rudrānuvākānjapan | 
dhyāyedīpsitasiddhaye drutapadaṁ vipro'bīṣinceccivam ||

आपाताळनभःस्थलान्तभुवन ब्रह्माण्डमाविस्फुरत्
with the jyothi or resplendance which brightens and radiates all over the universe from paataalam to the high skies which consist of the immaculate egg created by Brahma (Brahmanda), 
स्फाटिकलिङ्गमौळिविलसत् पूर्णेन्दुवान्तामृतैः 
manifesting in the shape of a huge linga of crystal whose head is shining with full moon and amrutha or nectar oozing from it 
that one and only Easa the Shankara who is without any destruction and who is floating in griefless ecstacy 
द्रुतपदं रुद्रानुवाकान्जपन् chanting the eleven anuvakas of Sri Rudram with words in quick succession 
ध्यायेदीप्सितसिद्धये विप्रोऽभिषिञ्चेच्चिवम् the learned person should meditate upon Shiva and offer abhishekam or bath with holy waters to the Lord, so that the worshipper will be granted all that he desires.

The learned devotee who is desirous of being blessed with all that he years for 
should chant the anuvakas of Shatarudriya or Srirudram 
with the words uttered in quick succession 
and meditate upon Shiva

Who is shining forth with the splendour which radiates all over the universe which extends to the farther ends of Brahmanda encompassing the lowest paathaalam to the high skies..

Who is manifesting in the shape of a huge linga of Crystal .(which pervades the whole universe). 
the head of the lingam is adorned with the full moon who is oozing forth amrutha or nectar (bathing the whole brahmanda with resplendance)

The one and only Easa the Shankara who is without any comparison , 
who is eternal and without destruction, 
and who is floating in the eternal ectacy without any tinge of grief ever

there is one alternate word ध्रुवपदं for द्रुतपदं as seen in some versions of the above sloka which is one of the dhyaana slokas of Lord Shiva chanted at the start of offering Abhishekam to Shiva chanting Srirudram..

ध्रुवपदं the stauts of Dhruva.. meaning unshakeable and very fixed.. or alternately the North (east) direction of Eaashaana.. as the Ashtadikpaala.

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