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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Mouthful of betel leaves

Mouthful of betel leaves 

Name 559 of Lalitha Mahatripura sundari  Mother Rajarajeshwari
 in lalitha sahasranamam ..
Thaamboola pooritha mukhee

She whose mouth is filled with betel leaves and additions which she is chewing...
a very affectionate imagery of the Divine mother
even if she is the most beautiful woman chewing must be giving her a funny face..
and yes, the adorindg devotee who sees Her as the mother will have no difficulty in loving that funny face..
If a devotee is having reverence alone for the divine he would have found it difficult to call her by such an unorthodox name..
And mind you it was lord Hayagreeva describing
Her by this name to sage Markandeya..
Even the great souls forget themselves when they are overcome with affection..
Or was it that Lord Hayagreeva who is Narayana himself having a poke at his little sister.?
Anyway it isour fortune that we can approach and get things done easily as the mother is in a relaxed mood chewing pan..

It is another story that she spat a little of this tamboolam into the gaping mouth of an idiot Mooka and he sang the Mookapanchaasati ..

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