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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

His ten forms ...

वेदान् उद्धरते जगन्निवहते भूगोलमुद्बिभ्रते 
दैत्यम् दारयते बलिम् छलयते क्षत्रक्षयम् कुर्वते 
पौलस्त्यम् जयते हलम् कलयते कारुन्यमातन्वते 
म्लेच्छान् मूर्च्छयते दशाकृतिकृते कृष्णाय तुभ्यम् नमः॥
जयदेवकृते गीतगोविन्दे
vedān uddharate jagannivahate bhūgolamudbibhrate 
daityam dārayate balim chalayate kṣatrakṣayam kurvate 
paulastyam jayate halam kalayate kārunyamātanvate 
mlecchān mūrcchayate daśākṛtikṛte kṛṣṇāya tubhyam namaḥ||
jayadevakṛte gītagovinde

Redeems the Vedas as a fish annihilating the demon Hayagriva,

Carries the entire brunt of the universe as a tortoise as Aadikoorma and also as the tortoise during the churning of the milky ocean
, Annihilates the son of Diti the Hirnayaksha as the primordial boar and lifts globe of earth submerged in waters by that demon

and decimated another son of Diti Hiranyakashipu as the bless that noble devotee Prahlada ..

begs for three tiny feet of land as a child Vamana from Mahabali and then cheats him by growing as Trivikrama, and measured the whole universe in two steps and has to demand Balis head for the third measure
Annihilates twentyfour generations of Kshatriyas in his birth as the axe wielding Parashurama, vanquishes and executes Ravana, the scion of Pulastya clan,, as Rama,

ploughs and even changes the course of water bearing rivers as Balarama, 
Radiates mercy and knowledge as the one and only Krishna,

and finally would be born as the sword bearing Kalki to finish off all mean being..
Pranams to you, that Krishna who takes ten births ... 
Pranams to you that Krishna

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