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Friday, February 03, 2017

be in control.. keep eternal vigil

संस्नाप्यापि करी चेन्मुक्तो मलिनः क्षणात् भवेत्।
स्नानान्ते यदि बद्धस्तिष्ठेदमलः तथैव सत्सङ्गात्।
जातम् परमपवित्रम् मनः पुनर्वा विषयिसहवसात्
मलिनम् स्यात्तच्चेशे बद्धम् तिष्ठेत्सुनिर्मलम् नूनम्॥
saṁsnāpyāpi karī cenmukto malinaḥ kṣaṇāt bhavet|
snānānte yadi baddhastiṣṭhedamalaḥ tathaiva satsaṅgāt|
jātam paramapavitram manaḥ punarvā viṣayisahavasāt
malinam syāttacceśe baddham tiṣṭhetsunirmalam nūnam||

If an elephant is given a thorough bath and is allowed to stand free it makes himself dirty by throwing dust and dirt on itself.
However if it is kept under chains and fetters after bath, it would remain clean for quite some time..
In the same manner, ones mind gets purified and sanctified by Satsanga.. contact and interaction with noble sourl.. But if the mind again gets into contact with people who are after worldly pleasures, it gets clouded and contaminated.. But if the same mind is kept fixed on the Supreme Being, surely that would maintain its purity and blessednes gained through satsanga..

There is a saying in Malayalam 
മത്തേഭൻ പാംസുസ്നാനം കൊണ്ടല്ലോ സന്തോഷിപ്പൂ
സ്വഛജലം തന്നിലേ നിത്യവും കുളിച്ചാലും
attributed to Kunchan nambyar if my memory goest right..
This means even if an elephant is bathed in clearn cool water, it will be happy only if it takes a bath in dust..
We have seen this spontaneous act of elephants too often..

Yes, the mind gets elevated or contaminated according to the company it keeps.. With great effort the thought process can be cleansed, but if it is allowed to drift to its own old and vagrant ways, all the benefits gained my lots and lots of mental and physical efforts can go waste..

It is said..
सांसर्गिकाः दोषगुणाः भवन्ति
sāṁsargikāḥ doṣaguṇāḥ bhavanti

good things or bad experiences happen to people because of the company they keep..

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