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Saturday, February 04, 2017

lust clouds wisdom

सुमहान्त्यपि शास्त्रानि धारयन्तो बहुश्रुतः।
छेत्तारः संशयानाम् च क्लिश्यन्ते लोभमोहिताः॥
sumahāntyapi śāstrāni dhārayanto bahuśrutaḥ|
chettāraḥ saṁśayānām ca kliśyante lobhamohitāḥ||

even the great men who have learned all laws and scriptures

and who have great exposure to worldly wisdom ,

the scholars who are capable of dispelling all our doubts,,

even such great people suffer once feeling of avarice and lust overtakes them..

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