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Monday, February 06, 2017

for the really great, words uttered just make the meaning.

लौकिकानां हि साधूनामर्थं वागनुवर्तने।
ऋषीणां पुनराद्यानां वाचमर्थोऽनुवर्तते॥
भवभूतिप्रणीते उत्तररामचरिते प्रथमे अङ्के

laukikānāṁ hi sādhūnāmarthaṁ vāganuvartane |
ṛṣīṇāṁ punarādyānāṁ vācamartho'nuvartate||
bhavabhūtipraṇīte uttararāmacarite prathame aṅke

This is from the first act of Uttararamacharitam.. 

Uttararamacharitam is a drama by Bhavabhuti, a poet of Sanskrit who is treated as equal to Kalidasa himself by many..

The plot for the Drama is the happenings after the Coronation of Rama.. the history dealt with in Uttarakandam of Ramayanam

In the first Act, the location is Rama's Palace in Ayodhya.. 

Sita is in her pregnancy, and the elders in the family are all away attending a sacrifice being conducted by Sage Rishyasringa, who is also the husband of Ramas elder Sister Shanta..

A set of sages led by Ashtavakra, the disciple of Rishyasringa have arrived in Ayodhya to enquire about the well being of Rama and Sita, and the delegation meets the Royal couple..

The sage conveys Rama the blessing of Rishyasringa and Sage Vasishta too who was away at the sacrifice..yajna

The blessing of the elders that Sita would deliver progeny befitting the valour and glory of the divine couple is conveyed to Rama and Sita..

Happy to hear that Rama exclaims..

"The speech of worldly wise saints follows or narrates the course of events as they have happened or are happening.. But the speech of ancient and venerable saints ( like Vasishta) when uttered just makes thing happen as per what is intended in those speeches.."

Rama is elated at the blessing of his Guru that he is going to beget a worthy progeny as he is convinced that the mere utterance of the great saints would make anything happen.. Ordinary people just use speeches to report what is happening.. and they have only the capacity to report or convey in words what is going on around, or narrate something that has already happened..

But great sages have the capacity to foresee the future.. Not only that, if words are uttered by great souls, nature and the universe just obey those predictions and things just happen.

These words of Bhavavbhuti have to be compared or 
contrasted with Kalidasa's statement about Vaak and Artha.. as pronounced in the opening stanza of Raghuvamsam.. 
वागर्थाविव सम्पृक्तौ वागर्थ प्रतिपत्तये।
जगतः पितरौ वन्दे पार्वतीपरमेश्वरौ॥ 
Vaagarthaaviva Samprukthau, Vaagartha prathipattaye jagataH pitarau vande paarvathee parameshwarau..

Kalidasa implies that words and meanings are closely connected and function as inseparable twins.. being faithful to one another..

Bhavabhuti improvises on the idea.. For the ordinary people, words uttered just convey the meaning..

But for the really great, words uttered just make the meaning..
Of course this is stuff for academics too..

There has been always a set of people who place Bhavabhuti in the same pedestal with Kalidasa.. and there are those who cannot allow anyone else to be spoken of in equal terms with Kalidasa..

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